Our objectives & goals



Here, in Cyprus Migrant Women’s Organization, we strongly support equality for all the people, anti-racism towards migrants, and believe that women’s rights are something to fight for. To make a change, we encourage women in Cyprus to follow our main objectives:


Promoting equal treatment, equal rights, and supporting integration for migrant women in Cyprus.

Supporting migrant women in overcoming the barriers to learning and participation, in order to facilitate migrant women in becoming active citizens: Empower them to develop skills and knowledge, and equip them with the tools to communicate such skills and knowledge to the benefit of their broader communities.

The intervention in the Cypriot society with the aim of contributing towards its development into a society of co-operation and understanding among all its members, regardless of community background, gender, gender identity, sexuality, colour, religion, ethnic origin, nationality, cultural background, resident status or non-status, class, disability/ability status, or any other characteristic.


The provision of information and the sensitisation of the public towards factors that promote social exclusion, discrimination, racism, xenophobia, and sexism, through support for social solidarity, development of structures for common action and regulation of protective legislation and institutions.

The development of a movement of resistance against all forms of oppression and especially against racism and sexism, which will aim the creation of a society that will be based on the values of equality and solidarity.

The study of the legal framework and its practical application in relation to the prohibition of discrimination and combating racism and xenophobia and gender inequality and the social intervention for combating such phenomena, especially in regards to migrant women.


The creation of a network of protection and support for refugee and migrant women in Cyprus.

The contribution and collective action towards the improvement of the living and working conditions of refugee and migrant women in Cyprus.

The establishment of schemes for the education and training for refugee and migrant women, as well as for their integration into the Cypriot society.

The engagement in systematic learning and exchanging of experiences amongst migrant women, their organisations, and other stakeholders.

Facilitating the exchange of information, experiences, and good practice through analysis, research, meetings, and evaluation.