About the INTEGRO project

The INTEGRO Project ( aims at advancing, through an interactive way, cooperation between all relevant stakeholders, including migrants themselves, for the promotion of the effective integration of migrants.

The project is based on the principles of the respect for human rights and cultural diversity, the promotion of equality (including gender equality) and combating discrimination, through the exchange of expertise, knowledge, information and best practices.

The project, funded by the European Commission, is implemented by NICEM (  in Northern Ireland, KISA ( in Cyprus,  Radio Afrika TV (  in Austria, SIMI (    in the  Czech Republic and CFE (  in Germany.

KISA proudly presents its own pilot project Cyprus Migrant Women’s Forum, which was supported by the INTEGRO group.

To read more about what INTEGRO is, you can go to the KISA website and read about the mentioned cooperation with INTEGRO as well as with other partner institutions. You can also see the presentation of the pilot project of CMWF here.

If you want to know the INTEGRO project better, we advice you to visit its official website:

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