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The integration of migrants in Cyprus has been an important issue for many years now. Such significant   problems as human trafficking, labor use, sex abuse, racism and discrimination towards migrants in Cyprus, particularly towards migrant women, led us to various discussions on the public, stakeholders, and governmental levels. Finally these meetings and discussions concluded that there is an urgent need for migrant women in Cyprus to self-organize.

This is how Cyprus Migrant Women’s Forum was established.

CMWF was firstly presented to the public as a pilot project made by KISA withing the INTEGRO support, being awarded by the European Commission.  KISA together with NICEM, Northern Ireland (http://nicem.org.uk), which is the project coordinator, Citizens for Europe, Germany ( http://citizensforeurope.org/ ), Association for Integration and Migration, Czech Republic ( http://www.migrace.com ), and Radio Afrika TV, Austria (http://www.radioafrika.net/) have been working over a way  for integration and cooperation of migrants at the local level. KISA presented a Cyprus Migrant Women’s Forum, a place where migrant women in Cyprus can communicate and help each other, sharing the experience and getting legal support.

Find out more information about the Pilot project of KISA and INTEGRO here, it’s progress, evaluation and implementation, as well as you can explore the situation with migrant women in Cyprus.

CMWF, which main aim is the self-representation and empowerment of migrant women to actively participate in all spheres of public life, including full and equal participation in the labor market, education, and political participation, especially in the formulation and implementation of integration measures and policies. Also, we are to support migrant women in becoming aware of and claiming their rights and raise awareness about and fight to stop multiple discrimination against migrant women.

Cyprus Migrant Women’s Forum is a migrant women-led organization set up to advocate for and support the rights of migrant women. The CMWF is a non-governmental, not profit women-led organization set up to advocate for and support the rights of migrant women.

Join us and start getting to know other migrant women in Cyprus, attending self-developing events and be a part of a supportive and enthusiastic community right now!

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