Mapping of migrant integration: the realities in Cyprus



Since ancient times, Cyprus has been viewed as a crossroads, a point of contact of continents and cultures. Nevertheless, this contact was not based on an equal relation but rather on a relation of conquerors and conquered and, consequently, the contact was often experienced and perceived as a threat and oppression. In 1960, Cyprus became an independent state for the first time in its history, contrary to the wish of the members of the Greek Cypriot ethnic community for unification with Greece. As a result, the majority of the Cypriots experienced again the coexistence with another ethnic group as an obstacle rather than a benefit in the fulfilment of their interests.


This study is part of the INTEGRO project and aims to map the realities of the integration of migrants in Cyprus. It is based on desk research about the situation, structures and measures in place in Cyprus, as well as on consultations, discussions and other exchanges in order to qualitatively bring to the forth the needs of the different categories of migrants.


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Mapping of migrant integration: the realities in Cyprus


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Χαρτογράφηση της ένταξης των μεταναστών: Οι Πραγματικότητες στην Κύπρο